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The event was graced by founder Principal Madhu Bahl. The staff members played various games, including tambola and.

08-04-2017  · Tambola is a game of chances, a casual gamble game not a serious one. where an organizer or the caller calls a number at a time, which players have to mark or cut in there ticket.

Tambola is also known as Indian Bingo or Housie. Tambola by Octro is a LIVE ONLINE party game that you can play with REAL PLAYERS from around the world or you can have your own Private Party.

A café in Chembur hosts games’ night every Tuesday evening and this week, it is going to be all about tambola. Standard.

17-12-2016  · Tambola is a popular party game in India. Its also known as Bingo / Housie across the world and is a slow casino game, played by a person calling out numbers and players scoring out numbers on a ticket.

Around 7 pm games like tambola began and went on till late evening, where the members won great prizes and accolades for their wins. Keeping the incessant downpour and chilly weather in mind.

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9.30 pm to 10.30 pm: Make your Tuesdays even more memorable with Le Cafe’s Tambola Nights, a fun-filled game, like Housie,

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Tambola Rules. Tambola, also known as Tombola, Bingo or Housie is a popular game that is believed to be originated in Italy in early 1500s. Although Bingo is the name used in most of the western countries, India, Pakistan and other South East Asian countries prefer to call this game of probability as Tambola or Tombola.

08-09-2019  · Each Player needs to buy at least 1 Ticket to participate in the game. When the game begins, numbers are drawn in a random order, and the board on the right shows all the numbers in the order that they have been drawn.

The event was graced by founder Principal Madhu Bahl. The staff members played various games, including tambola and Khela-ka-Jhamela. Principal Pooja Prakash extended warm wishes to the staff and.


Tambola is another name for the game of Bingo, Housey Housey, or Housie. The name varies in different regions of the world. It is called Tambola in India and Pakistan, where it is very popular. Whatever names it’s been known as in recent generations, the game descends from the Italian National Lottery,

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