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28-01-2017  · Indha kaalatthilthan pathaneer irakkuvaargal enave adhaippatri ezhudhalaame ena enni indha idugai. Indha pathaneer oru saiva paanamathumattum alla namathudhamizhathesiya paanam enrum kooralaam. idhu kalappadamillaamal arundhinaal ithan sirappe thani enalaam. Nam naatthil periya alavil ithai urpatthi seydhu marutthuvatthirku payanbadutthinaal.

Paneer (pronounced ) is a fresh cheese common in the Indian subcontinent.It is an unaged, non-melting farmer cheese made by curdling milk with a fruit- or vegetable-derived acid, such as lemon juice. Its acid-set form (cheese curd or acid-set cottage cheese) is called chhena

15-03-2014  · Pathaneer is a sweet beverage extracted usually from palm trees (sometimes also from coconut trees, but in Tamil Nadu, they are almost always from palm trees). It is a non-alcoholic beverage. But without proper preservation techniques, fermentation will kick in due to airborne yeast/bacteria, which will turn it in to alcoholic toddy. Pathaneer has a unique taste, which is predominantly sweet with a hint.

Pathaneer, Pathini (பதநீர்)- Making & Benefits of the Natural Coolant15-07-2016  · Residents of the Southern districts of Tamil Nadu look forward to sipping Pathaneer to beat the heat every summer. For those who haven’t tasted this natural coolant, Pathaneer is a sweet, delicious, natural and nutritious beverage obtained from the Palmyra Palm tree.

வெந்தயத்தை 50 கிராம் எடுத்து லேசாக வறுத்து பொடித்து காலை,மாலை இருவேளை 50 மிலி அளவு சூடாக்கிய பதநீரில் கலக்கி அருந்திவர இரத்த கடுப்பு .மூல சூடு தணியும்.

13-07-2016  · How the popular summer drink Pathaneer (பதநீர்) is prepared? Who are the industrious labourers behind its production? What obstacles are they facing in their daily life? What are the.

27-05-2015  · Here are some of the health benefits of drinking pathaneer. Take a look.

இங்கு பதநீர் குடிப்பதால்.

இயற்கையாக பனைமரத்திலிருந்து கிடைக்கும் இந்த பதநீரில் நம்.