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As soon as the bulbs finish blooming, plant them in the garden. No bulbs are easier for container growing in the South. "If you’ve never tried bulbs in containers, daffodils are fail-safe," assures Allen. Create a natural look. "Naturalizing" daffodils means planting multiple types and colors in informal drifts, as if they’d planted themselves.

Daffodils are a lovely addition to the spring garden. These easy-to-care-for flowers add bright spots of sunshine that will return year after year. The trick is to plant them properly. Let’s take a look at how to plant daffodil bulbs. If you live in USDA zones 4 to 6, the best time to plant

5 Daffodil Planting Tips; View or Create Collections. 5 Daffodil Planting Tips Narcissus, Spring Bulbs. Previous Next. Daffodils can be used for almost any purpose and are even more versatile in the garden than tulips and hyacinths. The only use for which hyacinths and certain groups of tulips surpass narcissi is bedding. The great advantage to using daffodils is that they actually behave as perennial plants in the.

12-03-2016  · Daffodils will grow best in a well drained area in full sun though they can naturalize in part shade under deciduous trees. The bulbs should be planted and divided in the fall or late summer. It is extremely important that the foliage be allowed to grow, mature and ripen naturally. According to Dr. Parsons, it should never be cut off or “tied in cute little knots.” It is the foliage that stores up the food.

A section of twenty-or-so bulbs when using tulips; as little as ten for daffodils, create a focal point for the eye. In a former garden, I used a delicately colored group of ‘Elegant Lady‘ lily-flowered tulips, in creamy ivory blushed with rose, next to ‘Blue Ideal‘ hollandia iris (the fall-bulb type), surrounded with clouds of blue flax and footed with Alyssum saxatile ‘Citrinum‘. I was very taken with this picture in late May.

Hundreds of thousands of daffodils and counting (the goal is a million) are planted throughout the garden. Litchfield Daffodils, Litchfield, CT An 8-acre garden dating back to 1941, managed by the Laurel Ridge Foundation. Gibbs Gardens, Ball Ground, GA

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