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SimBatch is a • Dynamic (i.e. not static) time stepping model with daily updating of the states of the pigs and the batch. • Mechanistic (i.e. not empirical) model since it models a batch by modeling each individual pig. • Initially it is a deterministic model, but in the exercise it is step by step transformed into a stochastic model.

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SimBatch is VFX simulation manager. Tool for simple and complex simulations, as well for single shot and multiple sequences. I do it to make VFX artists work easier and more effective!

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SimBatch is a framework for make multi-simulation easier. Helpful with evolving simulations and compute massive simulations

Simbarch of Aglarond Region Aglarond Alignment Good tendencies Used by Wizards affiliated with Aglarond The simbarchs of Aglarond are a loosely bound order of wizards who take their inspiration and principal teachings from the Simbul, a powerful sorceress who for a time ruled over Aglarond.