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Sridevi helped this man pay for his brother’s operation and now he’s camping outside her home Sridevi had helped this visually impaired man pay for his brother’s brain tumour operation.

28-01-2018  · Indian Premier League 2018: Full team list IPL Auction 2018 has seen some frenzied bidding so far but the teams are all taking shape. Here is how they look so far.

Commercial Production Commenced : CAD/CAE/CIM Services,Embedded Engineering Services,Plant Engineering,Design Automation,Asset Information Management,Document Management Services,Engineering Process Support & Engineering Change Management ,Technical Authoring, e-Cataloging, Technical Testing, Analysis & Technical Inspection and Certification Services ,Information.

Congratulations for Passing Exams | Passing Exam messages, greetings, quotes, wishes,  sms,23 October 1962, in the Battle of IB ridge, a leader fought to Martyrdom with his men against heavy odds. Despite knowing certain defeat to come, Subedar Joginder Singh refused to fall back as he weighed his life against keeping the Chinese at bay until ammunition ran out. We look back to this exceptional man’s.


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big big thank you to all of mahraj’s sangat – today was the final day of shri mahant pooran dass ji’s mela – so please everybody take few minutes out of your busy lives to just think about the good work and devotion mahant pooran dass ji gave to raja sahib ji and all the sangat.

12-05-2018  · A two-day medical camp, jointly organised by Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Indian Border Security Force (BSF), in Sylhet-Meghalaya frontier areas concluded Saturday, rendering health services to the common people at Green Park in Tamabil.

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