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Pamba Sports Club is a Tanzanian football club based in Mwanza who plays in the Tanzanian first Division League. In 1990 the team has won the Tanzanian Premier League.

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Pamba is the name of a king of the Hatti in the early 22nd century BC (short chronology) (or the 23rd century BC (middle chronology)). Pamba’s name is mentioned in a report of Naram-Sin of Akkad regarding a battle against an alliance of 17 kings, including Pamba, king of the Hatti, and Zipani, king of Kanesh.The text is the earliest known mention of the Hatti people; the extant copy of the report dates.

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The Pamba River (also called Pampa river) is the third longest river in the South Indian state of Kerala after Periyar and Bharathappuzha and the longest river in the erstwhile princely state of Travancore. Sabarimala temple dedicated to Lord Ayyappa is located on the banks of the river Pamba. In old Hindu Epics, Pampa was Lord Brahma’s daughter, who was later married to Lord Shiva. [not verified in.

The distance between Pamba to Sannidhanam is 0 Km by road. You can also find the distance from Pamba to Sannidhanam using other travel options like bus, subway, tram, train and rail. Apart from the trip distance, refer Directions from Pamba to Sannidhanam for road driving directions!

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