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Ram & Sharad Kothari were grandsons of Lt. Badri Das ji Kothari, & Son of Lt. Hiralal ji Kothari. The two brave sons were born on 27th July 1968 & 14th October 1970. As they grew older their attachment with the nation kept on achieving new heights. Whilst they were pursuing their graduation course, they joined RSS, which was an achievement in.

Khatris consider themselves to be of pure Vedic descent and thus superior to the Rajputs who, like them, claim the Kshatriya status of the Hindu varna system. The Khatri’s standards of literacy and caste status were such during the early years of Sikhism that, according to W. H. McLeod, they dominated it.

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01-03-2019  · The Khatris (Punjabi) or Kshatriyas (Sanskrit, (K) silent) are a north Indian community that originated in the Potwar Plateau of Punjab. This region is historically connected with the composition of the Vedas and classics like the Mahabharata and.

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KHATRIS THE MOST MOBILE AND MAGNIFICENT PEOPLE OF INDIA by B.S.Goraya Links Article in Punjabi- Khatris came from Persia-ਈਰਾਨ- ਖਤਰੀਆਂ ਦਾ ਮੂਲ ਅਸਥਾਨ BEHISTAN INSCRIPTION & AND ITS ENGLISH TRANSLATION

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25-08-2013  · The Kothari brothers were RSS workers. They were from a business family. They passionately believed that BJP was championing a cause with utmost sincerity. Little did they realize that they were merely pawns in a political game. That their religious belief was merely being exploited for a larger political intent-to create a frightening divide between two communities to polarize the votes. But.